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There are several factors which determine one’s eligibility for a particular Licence Type & compliances to be made. Ascertaining your eligibility can be confusing, all driving licences comes with their own set of requirements.:

Factors considered are :
  1. Age of Applicant
  2. Licence Validity
  3. Licence Category ( Geared / Non Geared / 2 w / 4 w / Personal / Commercial)
  4. Selection of RTO
  5. Licence Type ( Learner’s / Permanent )
  6. Licence Type ( Fresh / Renewal)
  7. Appearing for and cracking test
  8. Documents Required for Age Proof
  9. Documents Required for Address Proof
  10. Time Line for issue of Learner’s Licence
  11. Timelag within which application for permanent licence shall be made and many more…
Hiring a middleman is costly & trust factor is another issue. We recommend buying the all in one Driving Licence Guide book & getting your licence on your own.

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Applying for a Driving Licence online in India is often presumed as a confusing process. However, the fact is just the opposite. The Driving Licence application process involves multiple steps, and there are several points where applicants get confused. Buying a guidebook on Driving Licence at will ease all your problems.

We are mentioning a few important points that one must bear in mind to get through the application process as easily as possible. They are as follows:

1 Before applying for a new renewal of your existing driving licence online in India, you must guarantee that you meet eligibility requirements. Every licence has its requirements that may relate to the applicant’s age, the applicant’s medical fitness, the applicant’s education level, and the applicant’s address.

2 After you are sure that you qualify for all the requirements, gather all your documents to submit to your local Road Transport Office (RTO). The documentation is the most crucial part and the documents you need will highly depend on the Driving Licence you want to obtain. For instance, if you have never held a driver’s licence, you must first get a Learner’s Licence, which has its own required documents list. For more, buy the Driving Licence Guide Book now.

3 Various limits/restrictions etc, are applicable in the case of all the licences. For Eg:

a) Permanent Licence is issued only after Learner’s Licence is obtained by an applicant.
b) You must hold a Learner’s Licence for at least 30 days before you can apply for the permanent licence.
c) Validity of a learning licence is only 180 days and a Permanent Licence must be renewed before it expires.

4 Driving Licences are not issued online in India. However, the application has to be made online. Most of the documents can be submitted online & by submitting the documents you will save a lot of your precious time during your visit to RTO for verification.

5 One of the most crucial stages is preparing for the tests. Tests demonstrate your understanding of India’s Traffic Rules. One needs to qualify for the Test post for which Driving Licence is awarded.

For our clients, we have developed an AI-based Mock Test Series system, which helps you to prepare for the test, that you need to go through at the RTO. After reading our Driving Licence Guide Book, you can appear for the AI-based Mock Test series (Link to Test Series & Login Credentials will be sent to your registered email address after payment is done). The questions in our AI-based Mock Test series system throw random questions and you need to answer the questions. Based on your answers, a report card is shown to you, of the evaluation. For your help, we have also provided correct solutions to all the Questions in our handbook, which you may prefer.

6 If you are visiting the RTO for a test, arrive ahead of time, at least 30 minutes. This will ensure that your appointment goes smoothly. While you can take the driver's licence test multiple times, it is ideal that you pass the test the first time. Review traffic laws and take practice tests to gauge your knowledge regularly.